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The Camps

Camp Gan Yisroel Sweden for European Tzeirei Hashluchim, aims to provide Tzeirei Hashluchim from all over Europe with an exciting camp experience in a chassidishe environment, enabling them to make new friends with kids just like them in so many ways. 


Fellow young Shluchim who live all year on a similar time-zone, who also speak at least one the languages they do, who live lives devoted to the same ideals... chassidishe kinderlach who are growing up on Shlichus, just like them!


The camp is run in both English and Hebrew. 

With devotion and caring for the Rebbe's "Shluchimlach", the experienced staff of chassidishe bochurim will make this a summer to remember, bezH!


Boys summer Camp:

For Boys between 8-14

+New Yeshivas Kayitz Program ages 13-15

Boys winter Camp:

For Boys between 8-14

+New Yeshivas Kayitz Program ages 13-15


Girls summer camp:

Girls between 7-15, including the "pioneer leadership training program" for teens.

Girls winter camp:

Girls between 7-15, including the "pioneer leardership training program" for teens.


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The Rebbe said the following:

Camp Can be Better than School

Children can gain tremendously in Torah and Yiddishkeit in a summer camp—even more so than in their Chedorim, Talmud Torahs, Yeshivos Ketanos, and so on—because they spend the entire day in an atmosphere of Torah and Yiddishkeit, and they do not get any outside influence from the streets.

This continues not for one day, nor for three days, nor for three weeks—but for a long period of time!

(Shabbos Parshas Balak 5745)


''Home away from home''

The campsite includes both the buildlng adjacent to and the Chabad House itself.

Gothenburg is known to be the greenest city in Europe, and our campsite is nestled at the foot of a mountain called "The jaw of the lion," at the heart of miles of parkland, forest, and nature reserves, perfect for hiking etc.

Very close to the beautiful, award-winning Botanical Gardens 'Botaniska', with a stunning array af flowers, charming walks, and waterfalls.

The Chabad House is set on a large piece of land with a playground, a large patio for outdoor meals, area for campfires, and plenty of private space for outdoor activities.

There is an indoor swimming pool on the premises.


The home city of Tzeirei Hashluchim

In 1940, the Frierdiker Rebbe left Europe on the Swedish ship named "The S.S. Drottingholm" on the 27th of Adar Rishon, from the port in Gothenburg, only a 10-minute drive from the campsite.In 1991, the Rebbe sent the first Shluchim in Scandinavia to Gothenburg, Sweden. Gothenburg, is an ideal place for a camp!

The clean, fresh air & pure water have earned lt the name of "the last green lungs of the world."Gothenburg is also called the heart of Scandinavia, and is one of the greenest cities in Europe.

Surrounded by peaceful nature, the quiet air is full of the sweet sound of birdsong.The camp is located only a 10-15 min. drive from sea & boat rides, malls, amusement park, bowling and go-carting and in the heart of miles of parkland and forest.

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